1: Linda Whitman (Encore), Educational Advocate


In the first segment of our Where Are They Now series, Kit McCarty invites Now I See’s very first guest, Linda Whitman, Educational Advocate to talk about advancements for students with learning differences in Texas public schools.


Teachers are saying, ‘We’re trying hard. Just give me the kids, get out of my way, give me extra training, give me extra resources, and I’m going to do everything I can to help that child.”

I don’t think it is fair to tell a child, ‘You have worked hard all year in every subject, but if you miss one question, you fail.’

Being in special education no longer carries the negative connotation that I grew up with.

Kids can teach each other, kids can help each other learn.

We rely on teachers’ strengths and skills. They really want to know the very best way for kids to learn to read because it affects every course they take.

I want [parents] to feel empowered. They have rights. They have a voice. There are voices to represent them. Go for it!

As a nation and a society, we have to empower the individual teachers. We have to give them resources, we also have to give them a whole lot of latitude and patience.


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Linda Whitman



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