10: Rhianna Nix, Author

Kit McCarty welcomes Rhianna Nix, author of Faithfully Fervent. Rhianna tells how she fought the urge to run from her shattered life and resolved to stand firm in freedom, faithfulness and truth.

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Just because somebody quits on you, doesn’t mean that you can quit on the commitments that you made.

Instead of pointing fingers, I was looking within myself.

I asked God to allow me to feel the pain that I needed to feel, to open my eyes to see things I needed to see, to feel the things from past trauma, and see the sinful nature of myself, so that I could heal.

It didn’t make sense, but I had a peace wash over me that said, “You’ve got to fight; you’ve got to keep going.” That’s when I knew, “God’s in this.”

When you chase a life of perfection, 100% of the time you are going to be let down because perfection doesn’t exist.

When I had everything stripped from me, all I had was the truth that I am loved by God.

It doesn’t matter what you walked through or what you’ve lived, what matters is what you’re going to do with it and how you’re going to move forward with it.

Man’s love is fleeting, but God’s love never fails. God is going to be with you in the trenches, in the depths. You are loved. You are chosen.

I could feel myself holding back. Then I felt the Lord say, “You have got to lay down your fear. You can never experience the love story I have for you if you don’t lay down your fear.”

You can not give up. Trust and believe that your redemption story is on the other side.


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