19: Trent Parker, Small Business Owner

Kit McCarty Welcomes guest Trent Parker, small business owner, to talk about what it means to work in a generational family business, to grow with his community, to have big dreams and still be happy right where he is.


We’ve been successful thus far, so why would we change?

We’ve got it down to a science for sure. Our new location is very similar to our old one. We have our specific system–we have our way of doing things–and it’s been working, so we want to do it the same way.

I’ve been here my whole life. I love it here. It’s where I want to be. It is part of who I am.

Running the business has opened my eyes to a lot and has made me grateful for my upbringing and all the hard work it takes. I’m really grateful for everything I’ve got.

We love to establish a work ethic with our employees. A lot of people haven’t been in that kind of setting before, or some of them, even if they have, haven’t had anyone hold them to that high a standard.

Anybody can come in and do anything halfway, or do anything good once or twice, but what’s hard is doing something at an excellent level, consistently, over and over for a long time.

Some people have come to thank me for teaching them how to work, and how much that has helped them through the rest of their career. I love that. I love being able to be someone who helps people. It can be just a job, but it can be more than that.

We’re just a restaurant, but we’re not just a restaurant. We’re something that people can identify with, something that can help shape people, people can come together on, and enjoy together.

Working with anybody can be a little frustrating, especially working with family, but there’s nothing like working with family. You can rely on each other much more than you can rely on anyone else. You’ve always got someone there to fall back on, someone there to help you out. I’m really lucky to work with family.

Anything worth doing is going to be difficult. Work ethic, the details, the small things are what matters.

We’re living the American Dream now, which is to start a business and pass it on to your kids. I am so fortunate to have that passed on to me. I hope to keep it going to pass it on to my kids too.

I love being part of something that is bigger than me.

There’s something about being a young kid and competing that is very important.

We just want to give back to everybody who supported us. We want to make sure everyone knows how grateful we are.

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