2: Dave Arden, Author/Speaker (Encore)

Dave Arden, author and speaker, returns to update us on the growth of Chosen to Speak, his recent trip to Russia, and about groups forming around the world.


You never know what God is going to do next.

Moscow is so dynamic. It’s a booming city, an historic city. I don’t think you can overstate the distinctive culture and city. We really want to go back to Moscow and continue what we started there.

We want to help people, and come alongside them to help them find confidence in their leadership voice.

We’re not just here to teach and train, but we’re learning, ourselves. We’re learning from others in their context.

I’m hoping to get to Africa next year and see what God’s doing out there firsthand.

We want women on our team, women on our board. We are excited about giving women an opportunity to be heard. We want to champion women.

This is a recovery ministry. We weave the gospel through the story of Moses’ redemptive mission to deliver the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. God redeems, delivers and restores those who are broken and hurting from the bondage of sin.

You need to learn to speak; you need to learn to grow. It’s tough. Here’s your chance to step forward.

We’re providing a safe place to grow together, to learn together, expand our capacity, confront our fears, look at our opportunities, get our reps, and become better speakers.

There’s something sacred about the fact that God has given us a voice–a unique voice. To find that voice and to find confidence is life-changing.CONTACT INFO

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