2: Izzy Reed: Art of Storytelling

Kit McCarty and Izzy Reed explore how storytelling brings people together, communicates important ideas and values, keeps history and culture alive, teaches, inspires, humors, entertains, and becomes a vehicle for creative self-expression.

Show Quotes

“The world can be harsh, don’t you agree? Stories give us a chance to step back and look at life through a lens that can make it more palatable.”

“I encourage people to look at stories from many different angles, and to talk to friends about their stories. Stories are focal points of our history as humans, but not all stories are written. The way we communicate, talk to each other, and teach each other, is often through stories.”

“In our core, we all crave comradery, community and fellowship. Stories are outlets through which we creatively express our ideas and help meet our need to be understood by our fellow man.”

“Stories have the power to teach. They say, ‘This is what happened to me; may you learn from this and move forward.”

“Stories, more specifically metaphors, give a relatable point when trying to explain complicated things.”

“Stories empower us to believe in ourselves. They tell us, ‘If you can do it, maybe I too have the ability to do similar acts of strength, resolve, or resilience.”

“Everybody who has lived has a story. Each story is unique, because each persona is an individual and has their own perspective.”

“Don’t just look for stories in books, on the internet, in media or movies, but look in each other. Some of the best stories are told face to face.”



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