20: Daniel Kennedy, Author

Kit McCarty welcomes Daniel Kennedy, author of the Basic Bible Guide, to talk about his radical transformation through reading the Bible, and his passion and mission to help others learn to read and understand it too.


I had heard of the Bible, so I went and bought one. I just read the Bible, front to back, and I read the Bible every day for five years.

Within a short time of hanging around church people, I began to recognize that they didn’t read or know their Bible very much.

I knew what to do. I just needed to do it.

Everything I have ever gone through or learned in my life has brought me to this point: to help people understand God’s love and plan for them, as revealed in the Bible.

I am so thankful God did not give up on me through all these years of sin and disobedience. But I didn’t give up on pursuing God either, seeking to comprehend His love for me, loving Him back, loving others, and just doing the best I can.




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