21: Kelley Walker, Entrepreneur

Kelley Walker, health coach and founder of Restoring Eden, tells how she and her family are facing the ongoing pandemic and healthcare crisis with physical and mental well-being, not fear. 


I try to stay in the lane of my strengths.

If we can’t be authentic and true, we can’t be close friends.

Fifty is a magical number because you embrace who you are, and you’re not going to negotiate any more who that person is.

Freedom correlates to boundaries. Boundaries make other people uncomfortable because they don’t understand the beauty of that.

It’s not so bad discovering your strengths late. It’s what you do with the knowledge, and how you use it to help others.

The people I wanted to help were right in front of me.

It was very eye-opening to me that God gave us all these things in creation so that our bodies could function in the way he intended them to function.

There are a lot of plants that can support our bodies for optimal wellness. Medicine can do a lot of good, but if we will just go back to what God gave us, we would all see a change in our health.

Trust in the Lord. Do your part. Don’t live in fear.

You can have hope. There is a better way. You don’t need to fear.


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Kelley Walker, Health Coach and Wellness Advocate



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