23: Stuart Matthews, Musician

Kit McCarty welcomes Stuart Matthews to tell the story of his musical career and why story-telling through music has the power to move us all.


My kids give me a hard time for being known as the funeral singer. I just tell them, “People are dying to hear me.”

Music is always a wonderful outlet.

The destiny that we have as Christians is we can go through temporary afflictions knowing that on the other side there’s joy unspeakable and glory. That’s a wonderful thought to move us forward.

The beautiful thing about music, whether it’s instrumental or vocal, is that it can touch the ears, touch the heart, and touch the mind. It can either help return us to a happier time, a happier memory, or it can give us hope for the future.

That’s the beautiful part about sharing the gospel. You look at all the gifts God has given, the Word to be preached, the prayers to be prayed, and worship in song. Music is the only one we can do together. If everyone preached at the same time, it would be chaos; if everyone prayed out loud, even the Lord’s Prayer, you hope the ‘Amen’ ends with us all together. Singing is the only thing we can do together at the same time.

People may have lost the ability to remember family member’s names or past history, but a hymn that is a memory in their heart will bring them back to life, and they will sing right along with it, every word, with a smile on their face, and it recaptures the joy that may have escaped them.

If somebody looked at my playlist, they would think I have a mental illness! I love the Blues, country, good old rock and roll, symphony, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, AC/DC and DC Talk.

A good song is just story-telling with rhythm and notes. The songs that have lasted throughout our lifetimes are basically telling a story, putting our hearts into it, knowing that the song is going to touch the heart and mind, and creating a sensory experience. I just want to be a good story-teller.



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