28: Cindy Fritz, Artist

Kit McCarty welcomes artist Cindy Fritz to tell about a life filled with art, her pursuit of peace, and some surprising confessions.


My mother never gave me a coloring book because she wanted me to do my own drawings.

I was drawing recognizable figures at 18 months. I drew an angel. I still have that picture.

We all have things we’re good at, and things we’re not good at.

Whenever I saw a painting, I would gaze at it. I still do that.

I see beauty all around in God’s creation.

The pictures I do are always peaceful. I don’t do animals that are fighting, or people that are angry. I do birds that are floating on the water and peaceful scenery.

Art is a way to get away, like taking a little vacation to another world.

In art, we learn how to handle when things don’t go as planned, because things don’t go as planned. It’s problem-solving, a skill everyone needs to have.

You don’t have to be good; and you can get better. If you enjoy it, you’ll do it, and you will get better.


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