34: Linda Jenkins, All Things Christmas


Linda Jenkins tells about her love of all things Christmas, and why they are so important to her.


I want to help. I love to care for people. I love to cook for people. I hate to disappoint anybody.

Growing up I couldn’t stand not to know what I was getting for Christmas, so I would find my present hidden in the basement, and unwrap it to see what it was, and wrap it back up.

On Christmas morning, we had birthday cake as we sang happy birthday to baby Jesus. That was an important part of our Christmas.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. People just want to be remembered. Even if it is only a tin of cookies, you’ve taken the time to get something, sign a card, and take it to them.

Christmas is all about family, friends, the birth of Jesus, and letting people know how much you care about them.

We have nine trees total. I’m hoping somebody will buy me another tree, because I promised my husband that I wouldn’t buy another one.

I have 238 Santa Clauses. They are all ‘my favorite’. We’re having a [White Elephant] gift exchange this year, and I will fight to take another one.

Look at [Santa]! He smiles and grins all the time. Every child that walks in here, no matter what age they are, is thrilled to see all these Santas. He makes everyone happy.

You’re the only person who knows if it’s not perfectly the way you planned it. All they know is that you are the hostess and you have welcomed them in.

Don’t stress over Christmas! Just have fun! Enjoy! Always remember that we’re only celebrating Christmas because Jesus Christ was born.


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