37: Amy Aupperlee, Women’s Pastor

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Women’s pastor Amy Aupperlee tells about her passion to see women find truth, freedom and community.

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I want to see people unleashed from something that is false. I want them to be released in truth–not how they see themselves, or how they are expected to be, but how God sees them.

I made the mistake of believing what people told me because it was told to me, not because I explored it on my own.

Relying on tradition, or relying on another person to help, or being who we are supposed to be is not going to be enough.

That just seemed to fit in with somebody’s expectations of me, and I love to operate outside of people’s expectations, on purpose.

The more we learn about other cultures, peoples and ethnicities, the more we learn about God.

You don’t realize your capacity for love and sacrifice until you have a child.

Two things I’ve learned most about being a mom are release/surrender and humility. How interesting that those are the two things the Lord clearly teaches us over and over!

Ann Voskamp said, “The most powerful gift you can give to God is not your gift, but your yes.”

We do not do this in a vacuum. We rub up against each other and learn from each other because all the perspectives give us a better, more accurate picture of God.

The best communities are integrated with [people] of all different ages and all different backgrounds.


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