39: Caryn Clark, Trauma Bakes


Caryn Clark tells how humor and her love of baking helped her cope with trauma and led to her online baking business, Trauma Bakes


I learned early on how good it feels to laugh really hard. It’s a great release.

I just feel the need to make light of things I can’t process or change. I need to have humor in order to survive.

Any time you mess up or fail, you should definitely joke about it. I’m always looking for ways to make fun of what’s going on.

I’ve always managed to have, even in hopeless moments, some hope that this will not last, it will get better, and I will laugh again.

I love to entertain. I love to have people over, feed them, and laugh with them.  That’s where I get some of my greatest joys in life.

I opened my doors for other people to come in, especially young people. I hope that what they got was feeling loved on and valued.

I wasn’t perfect. [Life] was messy, and I owned it. I would love to see everybody doing that.

Whether it’s sourdough or baker’s yeast bread, I talk to my bread. It’s alive. You have to talk to it. It needs love to grow.

For me, baking is something that brings me joy. It’s a creative process for me. There is a reward at the end of what I’ve accomplished.

It’s important that we are really kind to each other because we are all going through this [pandemic induced trauma] at the same time.

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