40: Tina Davis, Unconditional Love


Tina Davis tells the heart-stirring story of baby Athena’s dramatic rescue, and how their lives have been shaped by unconditional love.


I’m just an ordinary person who is doing what God calls me to do.

I spent three weeks in the hospital fighting for her to stay alive.

Doctors said she probably couldn’t survive the ride home. I thought I was bringing her home to die. I told them I did not want her to pass away not being loved, not feeling loved. I couldn’t let her die alone.

I didn’t think that I could do it; but I just thought that I would. None of us had any hesitation.

We were out of the “baby stage”. While I was at the hospital with her, people threw me a baby shower. They did what they could and knew to do.

I can’t say I chose it; God chose it for me. Nobody would choose a path like this.

We know that we won’t have her here forever. We’ll just love on her every day until she’s not with us, and we’ll still love her afterwards.**


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