41: R.V. Baugus, Finding Love Again


R.V. Baugus talks about finding love in life, in God, people, writing and sports.


“If you’re going to be a journalist, you have to interview people. It’s important to have people skills, empathy and compassion for people you’re talking to.

We’d all be better to shed a few more tears, there have been many of those that have poured out of my eyes over the years. We are given tears for all seasons and all reasons.

My parents would have been fine if I’d dropped out of school. I went down a different track. I wanted more.

We know God would do nothing to hurt us. But it hurt.

I came to the realization that I am not being picked on or singled out. Each and every one of us has gone through grief in some form.

There’s often a point of genesis where something begins that steels you–hardens you–for future grief, for losses that you’re going to encounter.

When God is at work, there’s nothing accidental. The things that are truly tragic in our lives, in the end, are still made to bring glory and honor to God.

Don’t give up. Once you give up, you’re defeated. It’s a desolate place to be. It’s an unhealthy place to be. It’s a lonely place to be. How many people that predate us did not give up? We have those examples. I want to be an example for others.


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