44: Rik Danielsen, Author


Author Rik Danielsen talks about the inspiration for his latest book, You Picked The Wrong Stagecoach, and offers advice to aspiring writers.


I see myself as an alcoholic, drug-abusing hippie, and God was gracious enough to deliver me.

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not a real cowboy. I have a hat and boots, but I don’t have a horse. I have ridden horses many times, and I got to go on a half-day roundup.

As a preacher, there were two things that were important to me: one, teaching the Bible; two, the power of story. Jesus used stories– 75% of the Bible is stories–so I’ve always been a story teller.

My process [as a writer] is usually spending a lot of time thinking about a story: How do I begin this? How does it go? You really don’t know until you sit down to write it, and the story flows out of you.

My son is a journalist, and is ten times the writer I’ll ever be. I talked to him recently about the possibility of editing for me. I don’t know if I can afford him, frankly. He promised to give me the family discount.

If you want to be a writer, write. Writers write. If you’re not writing, you’re not a writer.


You Picked the Wrong Stagecoach

Never Forget Eternity



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