45: Jason Curry, Fostering and Adopting


Jason Curry, president of the Texas Baptist Home for Children, tells about his family’s journey with fostering and adoption and invites you to help children in crisis.


I love being a dad, and I love being God’s son.

To have a mom and dad that remain faithful to each other to this day is a big blessing for me. It was a love for God that did that, not the love they had for each other or the human commitment level they were able to maintain. It was a supernatural commitment.

Foster care is like being a firefighter: you get in, do the job you’re supposed to do, and get out. Your job isn’t necessarily to be in the hospital or helping with recovery. Foster parenting is emergency parenting. You have one job as a foster parent: love on them and introduce them to Jesus.

Our house was full. We had three bedrooms with three kids in each room. The oldest was 8 years old; there were two school-aged kids, and the rest were in preschool.

Every child deserves a daddy, and every child deserves a heavenly father. When I say ‘every child deserves a daddy’, I mean God gave a need in every child’s life for a mom and father. There are some very special exceptions, and exceptional people that meet that need too.

When we have little girls come into care, and there has been a daddy that did them wrong or a bad man in the house, sometimes the most valuable thing is a single mother.

Two families walked into court, and one walked out. You can’t ask for better.

Our hearts have to be big enough to love people. When we love people, their presence is not required. There are people I love that are no longer on this earth, but in heaven. There are people that are geographically out of reach, and I love them. Our hearts have to be big enough for that.

Brokenness is scary for us. Accepting your weaknesses doesn’t make you a strong person, but it does make you a courageous person. We need people of courage.


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