47: David Witt, Spirit of Martyrdom


David Witt, CEO of Spirit of Martyrdom, tells eye-opening accounts from his own international adventures and from people around the world who are persecuted for their Christian faith.


What we do in our mission work is internationally serve leaders who risk much for Jesus.

Anything good that you see in me truly is my testimony of what God has done in maturing me, and what I have experienced of His grace, love and wisdom through His Word.

It’s not so surprising that my father, who was saved in an Islamic, unreached, persecuted nation, would have a son who serves persecuted believers.

My wife plans my funeral every time I go on a trip. I laugh and tell her not to; I can only possibly die once.

When I was in Iraq, every day, all day long, we would hear gunfire in the distance. Every night instead of counting sheep I was counting bullets, yet I had peace, and I slept well.

If we are just pursuing adventure, that’s dangerous; but if we are pursuing God’s risks, then we’re in the safest place in the world.

Bitterness and hatefulness was a choice, but somehow they chose to release it, and speak a blessing, and God gives peace and heals their hearts.

It’s time to  consider diversifying the kingdom portfolio to go where the greatest need and the greatest return on investment is, where people are responding to the gospel today.”


Promise Keepers https://promisekeepers.org/

Voice of the Martyrs https://www.persecution.com/


God’s Global Grace Movement (in paperback, digital and audio)


Fearless Love in the Midst of Terror

SOM: (in paperback, digital and audio) https://spiritofmartyrdom.com/store/fearless-love/

Fearless Love in the Midst of Terror

SOM: (in paperback, digital and audio) https://spiritofmartyrdom.com/store/fearless-love/

Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Terror-Jesus-Martyrdom-Book-Christian-Martyrs-Voice-Martyrs-Islam-Islamic-Muslim-Ministry-Christian/dp/061524033X/

Witness Development Evangelism Workbook: https://www.amazon.com/Witness-Development-Evangelism-Workbook-Conversational-ebook/dp/B010EAQRHU


AtRisk Radio podcast: https://www.atriskradio.com/

Victorious, by Deann Alford : https://www.amazon.com/Victorious-Impossible-Peace-Deann-Alford/dp/1647650623/ 



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