5: Dale B. Sims, Author

Kit McCarty welcomes celebrated author, professor and Fulbright Scholar Dr. Dale Sims to share the story behind his latest release, Dust of A Distant Mesa.

Show Quotes

I value hard work. I value the opportunity to work. I value all different kinds of work. I value being able to help my family, and I value the strength God gave me to do heavy manual labor.

I appreciate education. It has a huge value. There’s two kinds of education: an education that prepares you for making a living, and an education that prepares you for living a life.

I value people. I value the rich variety of thoughts. I value truthfulness, pureness, goodness.

My values are pretty bedrock and simple. I’m not talking about great big, amorphous strange ideas, just pure and simple values that I live by: help each other, help your family, be the kind of person that other people trust, help your neighborhood, help your community.

All of that is based on my understanding of Christianity. That is the bedrock on which all the other things rest. I want people to know where I stand, and why I stand. And also know that I am an approachable person. We can speak about a lot of different things.

Stop. Observe in more detail. Ask yourself, “Is that the way it really is, or just the way it appears to be?”

“I just got tired of waiting to die, so I decided to do something.” Dale’s grandmother, Clemmie Minton


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