52: Rebecca Salazar, Counselor and Coach


Rebecca Salazar, licensed clinical therapist, gives tips and real-life examples of coping in difficult times.


As a counselor, the first thing I want to do is show people there is hope, and they can overcome–with help–the issues they are facing.

Thoughts are so connected to feelings, and feelings are connected to actions and the results you get. To change the actions–and the results–you have to go back to the thoughts and emotions connected to them.

Replacing lies with truth is always a good starting place.

It’s OK to feel emotion. You need to sit with that emotion.

You can change negative thinking.

You can only change what’s in your control to change.

Why am I feeling like that? Am I not getting enough sleep? Am I not eating well? Am I stuck in a cycle of negativity? Sometimes the answer is simple.

Realize that negative things will happen on your journey, and it’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up about that. Stay focused on the positive. Be grateful. Take things one day at a time.

What you are experiencing is normal. The circumstances may be unique to you, but what you’re feeling is normal. You don’t have to go through it alone.




For online therapy and coaching: https://rebecca-salazar.clientsecure.me

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