6: Becky Pullum, Laughing All the Way

Kit McCarty and Becky Pullum share some laughs as they discuss playfulness, finding funny friends, taking dares, camping disasters, and taking the road less traveled.I’m a natural-born smart-aleck.

Show Quotes

I do know that I’m not supposed to say everything I’m thinking, It’s difficult though. Knowing when to stop is also very helpful.

You can always find an audience for the wrong bit of humor. Not everything I say is funny.

When I’m around the right people, that’s when the best stuff happens, so I try to stay around the people who bring out the best in me. The real secret to having a funny life is hanging around the right people.

I’m a very grown up person most of the time, but I can set that aside to play when I’m in a safe environment. When you are with children, you have to stop nagging. It doesn’t help that I’ve nagged them. When I’m around my kids, I’d rather not nag them; I’d rather play. We don’t have to be grown-up all the time.

Every now and then I do a cartwheel just to make sure I still can. I know there’s going to be a day that I can’t do a cartwheel any more. I don’t want that day to come just yet.

Don’t even double-dog dare me. Ever!





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