60: Nathan Oloumu, Community Leader

Nathan Oloumu is transforming his city by housing and educating orphans, and combatting fatherlessness by working with prisoners, planting churches that strengthen and equip families, and training groups of men how to become leaders in their homes, work places, churches and communities.

Nathan Oloumu is a community leader in Kenya, East Africa, who is transforming his city by serving the people who are most overlooked. He built an orphanage and a school that cares for 43 children. He visits prisoners to bring encouragement, hope and rehabilitation. He plants churches that help strengthen and equip families, and train men to be leaders in their homes, workplaces, churches and communities.

Nathan and his wife Florence have three children, one they adopted when the mother died in childbirth. They have given their lives to serving their community, and now they are inviting us to unite with them on their noble mission. $35 will feed, clothe, educate and provide medical services for a child for one month. $15,000 will allow them to purchase reliable transportation to bring food and supplies from the market, a child to the hospital, or create opportunities for Nathan to meet face to face with the prisoners, church planters, and discipleship groups he leads. $10,000 will buy property where 40 tiny houses will be built at a cost of $40/unit. These homes will give shelter, safety, security and a sense of dignity to needy families. When these homes are rented, they will supply enough income to cover the costs of all the other projects and make them sustainable long-term.

To give, visit our site, https://nis.media, for a link that will take you to a ministry partner (Chosen to Speak) that is able to get funds to Nathan.  To talk to Nathan directly, use:

1. WhatsApp : +254729959001

2. Email: [email protected]

3. Facebook messenger: Nathan Oloumu


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