9: Stephanie Sloane, Highland Games

Kit McCarty welcomes Stephanie Sloane, a high school physics teacher, athletic coach, and an award-winning competitor in the HIghland Games.


I see myself as an educator who has a weird hobby.

I’m ok for now for planning vacations around where I can go throw.

I handle myself with more grace now than I did when I was 16 or 20. I know I’m not going to get it right the first time.

My sister comes to watch me compete and she really does have fun. Plus you have the added benefit of seeing guys in kilts. I would recommend anybody go. Just go. See what it’s about and have fun.

A personal benefit has been getting back in the gym, getting motivated, getting in competition shape so I don’t hurt myself (which has other benefits to my health), and meeting a whole new group of people that I would not have met otherwise.

I like the competition. I like the comradely. Ultimately, I am competing against myself.



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