Angela Giessner, LifeLine for Families, Inc

Kit McCarty welcomes Angela Giessner, business leader and community builder, to talk about LifeLine for Families, an organization that is working to end homelessness in her city, and is changing lives one family at a time.


You can only help the ones that you can help. You can’t carry the whole burden of the world on your shoulders.

It’s our job while we’re here to help and serve.

The most important part is God and His direction in anything we do. I sure don’t want to tell Him no!

We always want to be innovative and moving forward. What’s going to help them best to get them on their feet? What’s going to help them on to their goals and get that happy family back together?

I just couldn’t walk away from the problem. I couldn’t walk away from the kids.

We couldn’t ignore [homeless children]. Our city wouldn’t be proud of itself if it didn’t do something about this.

People want to help. Everybody does their little part that they can do, and it just works out beautifully.

It gives me chills. What if LifeLine had not been there? What would those people have done?


LifeLine for Families, Inc.


LifeLine for Families, Inc.

Angela Giessner 


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