Chosen to Speak: A Pathway to Confident Public Speaking

Book Cover: Chosen to Speak: A Pathway to Confident Public Speaking
ISBN: 1951890000

Public Speaking

It’s considered the #1 fear in America. There are few things more challenging than standing in front of your peers and delivering a heartfelt testimonial—especially when you struggle to speak fluidly in the first place.

Chosen to Speak addresses these issues with a reminder that you’re far from alone. One of Christianity’s greatest leaders, Moses, similarly struggled with addressing his audience. God chose him to speak, however, and he grew to leave an indelible mark on history.

Through this work, you can walk alongside Moses’ journey, and learn from his trials how to overcome your own. Just as Aaron supported his brother, Chosen to Speak encourages those who wish to improve their speech to seek out a personal coach. If you know someone who faces these struggles, and want to become a coach, this book is also for you.

Chosen to Speak is the cornerstone work of Ramblers United, an organization dedicated to growing community leaders through confidence in public speaking. Whether you’re considering this book as a first step into a new group, or simply as a way to smooth out your own speech, Dave Arden promises to help you overcome the most difficult hurdle in public expression: Yourself.


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