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So, there I was, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Mark Wahlberg. Most women would say, "A dream come true," but in my case, it was a prayer answered. He is adorable, but I'm over seventy, and I was on a mission.

Sure, I've dreamed of being a movie star, but on that day my title was "unpaid extra" in a movie I would never go to the theater to see . . . R-rated . . . but I had a reason for being there and only God could have orchestrated it. It was October 2014. Here's the story of how I appeared in the ComiCon scene with Mark Wahlberg in Ted 2. I'll start from the beginning.

In 2003, right after his fourth birthday, my grandson, Les Paul Fountain was diagnosed with medullablastoma, otherwise known as fast-growing pediatric brain cancer. As a result of the tumor, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, he would never be a "typical" kid again. He's Special.

This is my story about Les and me. I know I'm not your average grandparent. When Les was diagnosed, I was retired. I'd been a teacher, administrator, success coach, clown, real estate salesperson, freelance writer, tour guide, and motivational speaker. I wanted to use all those skills to help Les. . . and I lived close andI had time.

My motivation for telling this story is to encourage others whose lives are intertwined with a special person who needs your help. You might be a teacher, a doctor, a parent, a relative or a friend; this is for you.


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