The Davenport Daughters

Book Cover: The Davenport Daughters
ISBN: 166291881X

In 1983, during the heart of the Cold War era, the government has failed to stop the powerful Brotherhood, whose goal is a New World Order. Josh Davenport, G-2 agent and spy, has been recruited by the President to stop the Brotherhood from taking control of the United States.

Six years ago when Davenport’s cover was blown, he disappeared and was presumed dead. In an effort to force him into the open, the Brotherhood kidnaps his daughters and grandchildren, and Davenport comes back from the dead with a vengeance.

In a gripping action-packed spy thriller, suspense builds as Davenport’s new mission takes him from Scotland to Texas to a ghost town in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. It’s a race against time as Davenport fights to save his family from the Brotherhood’s sadistic killer and stop the takeover. But, can he live long enough to do this?

Caught in a whirlwind of conspiracy and espionage, there has never been a time when Davenport could resign. Deep in his heart, what he really wants is to go home to his family, but he know's that just a dream.


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