The Davenport Dilemma

Josh Davenport is a former Army G-2 intelligence officer sent deep undercover to infiltrate The Brotherhood, a terrorist group whose goal is a New World Order under their sole control. Davenport is the only one standing between them and the political takeover of America. However, his cover is blown, and The Brotherhood orders his termination.

Six years after the death of her husband, Jennie Davenport has finally rebuilt her life. Following a bizarre vision, she begins to suspect her husband is actually still alive. She swears she spoke to him, but was Josh real or a figment of her desperate imagination?

Determined to find out if Josh is dead or alive, Jennie unknowingly jumps into the line of fire where every word she speaks is listened to and every move she makes is watched. The quest for the truth takes her from Dallas to New Orleans, Chicago, London, and even further, plunging her into the dark clutches of this odious group. The vision of her dead husband soon turns into a nightmare as Jennie becomes the Brotherhood's next target.


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