Bruce Lovesmith, History Teacher


Bruce Lovesmith shares his love of people, history, cultures, and Jesus on this week’s episode of Now I See.


It’s always what life is, it’s always what history is, it’s always what any job is; the greatness of everything is bound in the greatness of people.

We get into processes, paradigms, programs, and how we can do things better and better. But the core is people, how we motivate people, how we listen to people, and how we encourage them. I want to do my best to encourage people.

I just started watching nice people, godly people, good people and imitating them. I’m just going to do it until it becomes a part of me.

My mother was a teacher. I told myself, ‘When I grow up, one thing I’m never ever going to be is a teacher,’ and that’s exactly what I am today. Be careful what you say you’re not going to do.

I was there in the last year of the Soviet Union, when Ukrainian independence was building. I’ve been thinking about it very powerfully, about what’s happening right now as Russian troops are on the border of Ukraine.

Autocrats don’t want people to think. They are bullies, and they don’t want people to know. That’s the power of knowledge, the power of history. We need to think. We need to know when there’s an autocrat on the stage or a bully about to take the show.

We control the wheel. If we are asleep at the wheel, we get what we get.


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