Chris Galanos: Character by Choice

Kit McCarty welcomes Chris Galanos, blogger, speaker, former health services senior executive and Air Force officer, to talk about character development and why it matters.

Show Quotes

“I see myself as a person interested in leadership and character. I think about, “How do you lead? Why do you lead? How do you motivate people and how do you get them to be their best person? What qualities do you look for?”

Moms’ advice: “Son, you can do whatever you want to do. Make up your mind. Stick to it. You can make it happen.”

The number one quality is humility. Humility is not being subservient. Humility is having a right view of yourself. As a Christian, I take that right view as, “How does God look at me?”

I know I need a savior. If I need one, then how can I be better than anyone else? Humility makes me say, ‘So, how can I be empathic, want to like [others], want to understand them, want to hear their story, want to listen to them?’ Humility is very big.”

Some of the most prideful people I know are so low, self-serving, without power, they take pride in their lowness, they are not self-aware. Humble people are very aware of themselves and aware of other people.” 



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