Glenn Cato Police Chaplain

Kit McCarty invites business leader Glenn Cato to talk about the Crisis Response Ministry of North Texas, an organization he founded, and how that led to his dream job as police chaplain.

Show Quotes

“We set aside our own thoughts and feelings and said, ‘If that’s where God wants us to be, that’s where we’re going to go.’” “Once in a while, God gives you the rare opportunity to see the impact that you can have.” “There’s so much you can pull from crisis training to benefit everyday life. You don’t have to be in a ministry working with people in crisis to benefit from training.” “It’s not so much what you say that people are going to remember. It’s just the fact that you were there.” “Understand the impact that law enforcement has on individuals and families. Stop by and say ‘hi’, and tell them that you appreciate their service to our community, because they are there for us.” 



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