Linda Whitman- Educational Advocate

Kit McCarty welcomes educational advocate Linda Whitman to explain the need for specialized teaching in public education, and how she is leading the charge for positive change for students who struggle.

Show Quotes 

To the educator who is struggling, I say, “This is what this child needs. If you’re not listening to him, then please listen to me. I’m his voice.”

To the parent or grandparent who is struggling, “You have rights. You have a voice. There are people who will speak with you and for you.”

To my grandchild who is struggling, I say, “God made you, God gave you to me, and He gave me to you. Look what we’ve done with that!”


Discovering Dyslexia Texas

Discovering Dyslexia Tarrant County

Scottish Rite Dyslexia Center

Highland Park advocacy group

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