Now I See Year One Celebration


Don’t miss the birthday celebration of the Now I See podcast with candid talk from host Kit McCarty, and highlights from the past 50 shows.


We sat in our make-shift studio—aka the kitchen table—microphones and glasses of ice tea between us, and started talking.

What began as a simple 5-minute mic check, turned out to be a delightful 30 minutes of conversation that would not only become one of our first episodes, but would set the tone for all the episodes that followed.

Each guest was bringing something deeply personal to the microphones. The stories they wanted to tell were so much better than the stories I asked them to tell, or the stories I thought I wanted to hear.

Mistakes are necessary ingredients for the kind of success we wanted to have, the kind of organization we were only beginning to dream about.

Over and over again, we’ve heard from guests, everyday people who faced surprising and seemingly insurmountable challenges, and triumphed over them, because they dared to take a risk.

You can do hard things. There are people all around you doing hard things, and they are making a difference right where they are. You can do it too. Whatever you are facing, you can do this.


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