Kelley Walker, Entrepreneur

Kelley Walker is devoted to home and family, and not just hers, but yours. As a busy wife and mom, Kelley manages five businesses including realty, interior design, a tiny home dealership, and soon to be Tiny Home Resorts, as well as two health businesses that involve health coaching and wellness advocacy. “I just like to help people,” Kelley said.

Helping is one of Kelley’s many strengths. “Discovering my strengths was eye-opening for me. When you can identify your top five, your life becomes a lot easier. I am strategic; I am an activator; I can’t do anything I don’t believe in. I’m an individualist, and I celebrate everybody else’s individualism. I’m a relater. You can add integrity and honesty and all those things that matter to me, but I try to stay in the lane of my strengths,” Kelley explained. “I have looked back on my life, and I have discovered that these are my strengths, and I’m going to walk in them, even if that makes other people uncomfortable. I’m not going to apologize for that any more! It is very freeing, but it causes a lot of discomfort for people who don’t understand the beauty of that.” 

Kelley added, “Fifty is a magical age, because all of a sudden you embrace who you are, and you’re not going to negotiate any more who that person is. I’m sad that it took getting to 50 to discover it. At this stage, I’ve learned so much. I’ve been on a crash course of leadership and discovery for the past 10 years. I so wish I would have been on this path in my teens and 20s. I’m very passionate with my kids about discovering their strengths and passions now. Everybody should learn their strengths early. It’s not so bad discovering it late, it’s what you do with the knowledge to help others.”

“I became a health coach because, when health came into my life, I knew I wanted to share it with everyone. I was living anything but a healthy lifestyle: boxed macaroni and cheese, fast food, a busy life. I had skin cancer five times. I didn’t know that we could really change our health with just how we ate,” Kelley said. “Growing up, no one was very health focused, no one talked about healthy meals. It was very eye-opening to me that God gave us all these things in creation so that our bodies could function the way He intended them to function. So when I discovered plants, fruits, vegetables and how they change your genetic code for wellness, I was hooked. I thought it was a way to help so many people.

For the past eight years, as a wellness advocate, Kelley shifted her focus from speaking to strangers at seminars, to talking to people in her immediate circle of influence. “The people I wanted to help where right in front of me,” she said. Kelley tells the story of a time when her son was really sick. Late one evening, rather than taking him to the doctor, she called a friend who suggested they try essential oils instead. Her husband was skeptical about what he called “voodoo batwing” treatment, but Kelley didn’t want to go to the emergency room and wait for hours in a room with other sick people. “What did we have to lose?” Kelley recalls. The friend rubbed oils on the son’s chest and feet, and used a diffuser for an hour. The next day, more oils were applied to his feet and chest. Within 36 hours he was completely well. “So for me that was the hook, line and sinker. It could have cost us several hundred dollars in doctors, medicine and time value in the doctor’s office. She spent 90ȼ.” Kelley, who cared for her father in his last years, believes that using essential oils gave her father a better quality of life and three extra years. It took her husband and extended family a while to get on board, but now they all have seen and felt benefits from essential oils and are fully convinced. “It has become a way of life, and I want to share it with everybody who will listen.” 

“There are a lot of plants that can support our bodies for optimal wellness. This is why I called my company Restoring Eden. There was no pharmacy in the Garden of Eden. Don’t get me wrong; medicine can do a lot of good. But if we will just go back to what God gave us, we would all see a change in our health. There are a lot of plants that can support our bodies for optimal wellness. God knew what He was doing when He created our bodies to heal themselves.”

Restoring Eden is a company that sells DoTerra therapeutic grade essential oils and educates people about their various uses in health management (for things like digestive, respiratory and circulatory issues, immune support, insect bites, bruises, cuts, rashes, muscle aches, oral hygiene and skin care), cognitive helps (for neurological support, alertness, anxiety, focus, energy, relaxation and better sleep), flavorings (lemon, orange, mint, cinnamon and clove and others), household care (anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral agents used as air purifiers, cleansers, soaps, laundry additives, and insect repellants). Essential oils can be applied topically (manually or as a roll-on), aromatically (with a spray or diffuser), or internally (in cooking, added to liquids, or in soft-gels you can buy readymade, or create yourself). Essential oils can be used separately, or blended with other oils. Some users like to experiment by creating their own custom blends; Kelley prefers the convenience of readymade blends in roll-ons and capsules, which her company also offers.
Research led Kelley to believe DoTerra is superior to other oils on the market because they are organic, sourced from their native growing regions, tended and harvested by indigenous workers in fair-priced, free-trade markets, processed by the highest industry standards, and guaranteed to be pure and free of chemical and metallic contaminants. Kelley adds, “What I learned about the company, their heart behind it, their commitment to purity, and the good they do around the world, affected me in a profound way.” In addition to bringing economic expansion and stability to regions where the plants are grown and harvested, Healing Hands, the charity arm of DoTerra, builds houses, schools and hospitals, brings water-wells, survival packages, disaster relief, help and hope to people in crisis. “Every order, I donate to Healing Hands.”
“I don’t know how anybody survives in today’s world. It’s so upside down. It used to be just stress from a job, but now it’s now it’s stress from everything.” Kelley copes by taking DoTerra’s Adaptive Blend for anti-anxiety. “I don’t know where I’d be without that one. I’ll never forget the first time I took it. I didn’t realize what a weight had been on my chest. It was transforming.” 

“The world has become toxic. This toxic load is at exponential levels, which causes autoimmunity.” Kelley’s advice? “Do your part! Stop cleaning with toxic chemicals. Eat heathy. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Get enough sleep. Choose better products. Take the vitamins that build your immunity. It’s as simple as that. Fear is the disease right now, but you don’t have to fear. Just trust in the Lord and what He gave us. Trust in the Lord, do your part, don’t live in fear.”

“We live DoTerra,” said Kelley. “We probably use 30-50 products a day. It’s a natural lifestyle. It’s an empowering way of life. It’s the most peaceful thing I have done for my family. Her advice as  a coach? “You can have hope. There is a better way. So be proactive. Take that step. It’s up to you. Health is not going to find you. You have to fight for it. Every bite you take is for health or for disease. Be protective. Be empowered, not just empowered for your own health, but empowered to care for your loved ones.”


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Kelley Walker, Health Coach and Wellness Advocate


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