Choose: A Study of Moses for a Life that Matters (Real People, Real Faith Bible Studies)

Leads women through the life of Moses to discover their own extraordinary purpose

The life of Moses was an exceptional one. God pursued Moses, calling him to step forward into leadership and miraculous events. Instead of saying no to that invitation, he trusted that God’s plan, however improbable it seemed, was the best way to live. Equipped with that faith, Moses led God’s people out of slavery to the land of promise, changing their entire world.

The truth is we’re not that different. Every day we’re called to follow God’s lead to do things only we can do. And like Moses, we must each choose if we will take the path God guides us to―or follow our own way. Through this inductive ten-week Bible study, Jodie Niznik invites you on an experiential journey along with Moses to learn just what that choice can mean.

Each week starts with a spiritual discipline to move women from head knowledge to heart understanding. Then through thoughtful questions, personal reflection, and practical application, Jodie explores the text to uncover the lessons Moses’s life teaches to every modern woman.

Designed for either individual or group study, this first book in the Real People, Real Faith series combines inductive learning with practical spiritual disciplines, taking a new look at old stories to discover their many connections to life today.


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