Journey: A Study of Peter for Stumbling Toward Jesus’s Extravagant Grace (Real People, Real Faith Bible Studies)

Peter was an ordinary, hardworking, often overlooked fisherman. But that didn't stop God from calling him on an extraordinary journey to become a lasting and inspiring example for Christians worldwide.

In this eight-week inductive Bible study, Jodie Niznik follows Peter's complicated, often rocky journey of following Jesus. She delves into the ways Peter's missteps and failures reveal God's grace, and shows where we can draw parallels to our own lives and struggles. Moreover, she helps you establish specific mindfulness practices for approaching each week's study with a quiet mind and a ready heart.

Though Peter lived two thousand years ago, his life is still proof that God can use your life for His glory--despite all the ways you may feel yourself failing, coming up short, or falling away.

"Jodie's Bible studies are some of my favorite resources! Her insightful and practical application of Scripture keeps her studies at the top of my list. Anyone who uses this Bible study will feel closer to God and better understand his truth." --Kat Armstrong, preacher, author of The In-Between Place, and cofounder of The Polished Network


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